Data Sourcing

Creating your own dataset is always recommended. But, there are many reasons why you many prefer to work with existing material. If you are not interested in creating your own dataset, many data files already exist online that you might explore with visualization.

This section will offer a few places you might find previously compiled data. This is definitely not an exhaustive list, but more of a launching-off point to get you started.

Locating Existing Datasets

There are seemingly innumerable places from which to source data depending on your field, interests, and skill level. The below provides just a sampling of places you might look.

National Level and Governmental Data

Academic Research Projects and Repositories

Datasets and Lists Created by Tools

Datasets by Journalists

Humanities and Heritage Data Collections

Many (likely most) major museums, libraries, and archives across the world have released their data in various formats. The below can provide a general example of the types of institutions to look into on your own. Also included are datasets relevant to digital humanists.

Note: If anyone is aware of free awesome (and esp. inclusive/feminist/ethical) datasets not included above please do reach out. I’d love to include them! I realize that there are many large data repositories, but if any have been particularly useful for learning (or are particularly extensive and wide-ranging) those would be ideal.