VisDepot: An Introductory Resource for Data Visualization

Welcome! VisDepot is an introductory repository of tools, concepts, and tutorials for visualization. It is introductory in that it assumes no prior data or visualization knowledge, but can be useful for those with experience as well.

This resource does not need to be read from start to finish like a textbook (but you can take that approach if you so choose!). Rather, it is a curated meeting place of various tools and materials for getting you started on a project, and others for picking-up later on or tweaking projects as they develop. It is a repository of materials to be shared.

You will find a collection of previously existing tutorials and resources (centering those that are free and open) and written summaries/suggestions. A few specially created tutorials are in the works. The goal is to point newcomers to helpful material for getting started in the visualization field (including how to source, manipulate, and visualize data), and those more experienced with a broader sense of where to look for more freely available information.

Note of Acknowledgement

The idea for this project came about because it seemed like there were so many wonderful tutorials, tools, and resources in this space available for free, and yet it can be hard to know where to start. These are “vetted” resources I would share with students, colleagues, and friends who wanted to get going or move further in data/visualization. This guide is indebted to those who create freely available material for data literacy and visualization.

If you feel I have mis -cited or -represented your work in any way, or have any other question, issue, thought, & etc. please do let me know! And, if there are any really great freely available resources you feel have been missed, I would appreciate your suggestions. You can open an issue in the GitHub repository for this project. This project continues to be a work in progress.

This resource was supported in part by GC Digital Initiatives and The New Media Lab at The Graduate Center CUNY.

Note on Additional Information

Many of the subsections in this book contain “Read Further” information. There is also an “Additional Resources” section. In order to make the “Read Further” information easier to locate for those not engaging the book linearly, anything found in a “Read Further” subsection is also included in the “Additional Resources” section (alongside the other related information only found there).

Suggested Citation

Nicole Cote. (2021). VisDepot: An Introductory Resource for Data Visualization, v1.0.1.